Tulum, Mexico

If you are looking for a magical place to travel, look no further. Tulum, Mexico was unlike any other place I have visited. I went to Tulum in November 2018 and I have probably annoyed everyone about how awesome of an experience it was for me.

Maybe you are wondering how you get to Tulum. You fly to Cancun and then take a shuttle/vehicle to Tulum (it will take around 1.5 - 2 hours). Book your transportation in advance to avoid confusion upon arrival. If you are new to traveling, I would suggest changing your currency in advance to have at least the equivalent of $100 USD on you and in small bills, so you can tip here and there. Fun fact, you also do not need an adapter for your electronics in Mexico, so pack your iPhone charger with ease! Speaking of packing, there really is not a need to pack heels. It’s a laid-back environment. Pack a few sandals, swims suits, cover ups, fun beach jewelry, and minimal make up.

What made Tulum special to me? The kindness of the people who live there, the healthy food and drinks, and the overall atmosphere. I felt calm and rejuvenated on my trip. If you know me, it can be hard for me to relax, so that is saying a lot. I drank fresh smoothies on the beach, took naps in hammocks, and swam in the ocean. If that isn’t my dream trip, I do not know what is.

The excursions in Tulum were also unreal. I went to an underground cenote in a cave as well as the outdoor cenote (fresh springs). If you do not know what a cenote is (because I did not), it’s a natural pit or sinkhole. In the underground cenote, I saw little bats hanging from the ceiling of the cave! I have always dreamed of seeing sea turtles, so I also went on a boat excursion, but just to my luck, it was not the correct season for the sea turtles. At least I was able to see some big colorful fish! While I was on the boat, I could also see the Mayan Ruins. Win, win. To relax and recharge, I floated down the Muyil Lagoon with friends and had some fun taking pictures and videos with a GoPro.

Favorite restaurant? Gitano Tulum for sure. I ordered a whole fish and sipped on a fresh cocktail. Everyone was dressed in their “boho clothes” and I honestly felt like I was eating in a jungle. All in all, I vote Tulum, Mexico a 10/10 and I plan on going back this year!