Food and the City

Ah, New York City! One of my favorite cities to visit for a long weekend. I’m always so excited for NYC because each time I go, it’s a completely different experience.

What did I do over Memorial Day Weekend in the city? I ate. No, but really, I ate. My friend who I met in graduate school came with me and we stayed in the Chelsea area. Just my luck, she’s a foodie too! Check out her Instagram (@never_not_eating_).

Our trip consisted of us saying (whining) that we were starving and then commenting on how stuffed we were. One extreme to the other. My favorite thing we ate on the trip were spinach dumplings from “Xi’an Famous Foods”. When we saw it was a chain in NYC, we were hesitant because we wanted to try unique foods. However, this restaurant exceeded my expectations. The dumplings tasted so fresh and the sauce had the perfect amount of “kick” to it.

We then went to “Pizza Loves Emily”. But don’t let the name fool you; we didn’t eat pizza, we ate their famous double stack burger. This burger was made from LaFrieda dry-aged beef with EMMY sauce, caramelized onions, American cheese, and a pickle. All of this was served on a pretzel bun which made it a double win. When I asked what was in the sauce, the server said they didn’t even know all of the ingredients because there were so many, but that it was great! I even dipped the curly fries in the leftover sauce. Because dumplings and burgers were not enough for us, we then ate dessert at “Worlds Best Cookie Dough”. I have dreamed of going to this spot in the city because I’m a Cookie Monster. I tried their chocolate chip cookie filled with cookie dough. My friend tried their cookie dough in a cone with Nutella and Ferrero Rocher. I enjoyed this experience, but I actually think I prefer a “normal” chocolate chip cookie. But hold on, dreams dough come true. “Worlds Best Cookie Dough” reposted my video of the cookie on their Instagram account which is obviously goals.

That night, we decided to live on the edge and go to Time Square to see if we could catch a Broadway show. We both really wanted to see Aladdin or Mean Girls (Mean Girls is literally my favorite movie). We scored two awesome seats in the orchestra section for Aladdin. The show was beautifully decorated and their voices... wow. The genie was my all time favorite. He was HILARIOUS and his head was covered in sparkles; so cool.

Sunday morning I tried on my first wedding dress EVER, eeeek!! It was such an exciting and memorable experience. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself thinking that I’m probably one of the few girls who stuffs their face and then goes to try on their first wedding dress. But hey, that’s me! After that, we ventured over to Smorgasburg in Piedmont Park. We got a little lost (thanks Google Maps) and ended up on a little hike in our normal clothes (aka uncomfortable lace shirt and jeans) in what felt like 105 degree weather. We kept climbing higher and higher until we decided that food would not be that hard to get to. Finally, we found it. We had been to Smorgasburg together in 2016 and we couldn’t get over how fun it was for us. If you do not know what Smorgasburg is, it’s a whole area of different types of food ranging from sweets to savory, coffee to tea, really anything you can think of. We went to “Fluffy’s” for their pancakes (I got Oreo and she got blueberry) and then we tried “Joe’s Juic"e”. We needed something refreshing due to us sweating more than we have ever sweat before from the heat (cute, right?). We both tried the pineapple juice. I still can’t get over it. I drank it so quickly and almost got a refill for only $2, but at that point, I couldn’t even think about eating/drinking one more thing. That says a lot coming from the girl who can always eat; after all my handle is @repeatandeat.

Then it was nap time. Once we got our second wind, we ventured over to Chelsea Market. As you can tell, we like going to places that offer a variety in one area. Both the shops and restaurants are unique and cute. We got matching ice cream rings and tried a few food items. Chelsea Market has Asian, Italian, American, Indian food and more. I went with trying a slice of pizza from “Filaga” and then “biangbiang” noodles from “Very Fresh Noodles”. They were making the noodles right in front of me and I was seriously amazed. They pull, smash, and rip them to get the perfect consistency. I was sweating while eating them (again, cute) due to the spice level. TURN UP THE HEAT!

On Monday we had a few hours in the city before it was time to head back home. Of course we started with coffee from “Idea Coffee”, because coffee comes first. Next, we explored Eataly and looked at their groceries, fresh paninis, and unique pastries. But wait, we couldn’t leave the city without going to “Levain Bakery”. I had never been! I was a little surprised that they do not offer a plain, chocolate chip cookie. Instead, their chocolate chip cookie is baked with walnuts. I was hesitant because I really don’t like any sort of nuts in my dessert, but I gave it a shot. Luckily, I couldn’t even taste the nuts so it was a win.

This trip was definitely one for the books!



Nikki Sticker - Donut Bite.jpg
Double stack burger from “Pizza Loves Emily”

Double stack burger from “Pizza Loves Emily”