Friday was Poppin'

Last Friday was definitely a “Fri-YAY”! I spent the evening sipping on champagne and eating popsicles (also known as ice pops). What could be better? Oh, I know. DIPPING popsicles in the champagne. Senor Paleta hosted a media event at Canvas Restaurant & Market located in Lake Nona. Some of you may know them from Puerto Rico and now we are lucky enough to permanently have them at the Florida Mall!

This event had a fun and energizing vibe with music, props to take pictures with (hello Instagram), and more popsicles than you could imagine. My personal favorite was the strawberry basil popsicle. When I dipped it into my champagne, the bubbles reappeared, and the flavors mixed together to create a refreshing cocktail on the hot, Orlando night. If you are into more “dessert type” popsicles, the brownie one is for you. While licking away at the brownie popsicle and enjoying the party, I realized that there was actual brownie inside the popsicle. I felt like the owl in the tootsie pop commercials (did I just age myself)?

I can’t wait to visit the Florida Mall to try some more flavors from Senor Paleta. Who wouldn’t want a tropical popsicle in Florida?

Check out their website to see more about their “ice pops”


Eating is my hobby.