Hop on Over to Pointe Orlando to Enjoy Flavorful Burgers!

The media event at Hopdoddy Burger Bar located in Pointe Orlando provided foodies around the Orlando area with a great presentation of what the restaurant has to offer. We started the night with bowls full of both parmesan truffle fries and “hot honey & sage” fries. As I ate 10 fries at a time from the parmesan truffle fry bowl, I was thinking to myself that those fries could not be better. I thought too soon. The “hot honey & sage” fries were equally as tasty! So, I did what I do best, I “repeated and eated” until there were no more fries left. If you are a sweet potato fan, you would be a fan of those fries. We were also given this awesome truffle aioli that I dipped both kinds of fries into because why not? YOLO.

After stuffing our faces with fries, we were like let’s be healthy and eat some salad. The “Hail Caesar Salad” was a nice spin on the typical Caesar salad. It was made with a lettuce mix, radicchio, shaved parmesan (my favorite), spicy-fried chickpeas, tomato, carrot, potato hay (hayyyyyyyyy you readers out there), and Caesar dressing.

Then it was game time. Time for the burgers! I like big buns and I cannot lie. We tried the classic bacon cheese burger, the “continental club”, and the “BIDI BIDI BUN BUN”! I had to put that in CAPS because it’s almost like you must yell that name with excitement. Even though I eat meat, I often try burgers created from beans, turkey, quinoa, etc. because I like the taste. The “Continental Club” was Hopdoddy’s spin on a turkey burger. The patty was juicy and full of flavor; I have found that a lot of times turkey burgers can taste dry and bland. I especially liked that this turkey burger had a basil pesto mixture on it. Then the “BIDI BIDI BUN BUN” was the best of both worlds because it was a mixture of eating a burger and a taco. It was served with a tostada, guacamole (yes, I tried it even with the guac), pico, lime crema, shredded lettuce, and a street taco patty.

Just when I thought I was reaching my limit in food intake, it was dessert time. We all know that is a separate pocket in our stomachs. I was ready for it. The Nutella shake was NUTS. It literally tasted as though I was drinking Nutella, so that’s a win. They also put little pieces of pretzels in the Nutella shake to add a salty crunch.

The food was on pointe. The hospitality was on pointe. Thank you to Hopdoddy and Pointe Orlando!


Eating is my hobby.

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