Four Thousand!

Four thousand followers for following my passion! Wow! I really can’t believe it. My first post and creation of @repeatandeat was on March 29th, 2018. Time sure does fly. This form of social media is truly a creative outlet for me. I am able to combine my interests for both food and photography. I have always loved trying new restaurants, traveling, and capturing special moments.

Some of favorite outings I have done so far thanks to my social media platform is staying at the Hard Rock Hotel to experience their brunch at “The Kitchen” in addition to exploring the theme parks. It was my very first time going to Universal’s Volcano Bay and I cannot wait to go back. I’m a huge fan of water rides (especially in Florida). I also loved doing a collaboration photoshoot with Malia Palma, the owner and creator of @shoplettermade. Her cocktail napkins are unique and amazing. We were able to incorporate both The Glass Knife and Valkyrie Doughnuts into the photoshoot while featuring her cocktail linen napkins. She even has napkins with pink doughnut embroidery on them. One of my most recent social media takeovers was with “The Daily City” at the Indoor Market located at Celine in Downtown Orlando. This was SO awesome because I was able to capture a variety of vendors ranging from plants, to mushrooms, and even enchiladas! If you have not been to this indoor market yet, follow “The Daily City” on social media to see when the next one occurs. You definitely do not want to miss it and you get to beat the Orlando heat since it is inside (win, win). Even COOLER to me was that the “The Daily City” highlighted @repeatandeat as a “Top 10 Foodie in Orlando”; what an honor!

I am super pumped for an event next month for “Taste! Central Florida’s 30th Anniversary”. This event will be held at Orlando World Center Marriott. “Taste! Central Florida” brings our community together in the fight against childhood hunger. I am looking forward to making a positive impact on an important cause.

Most importantly, this experience has allowed me to meet fellow foodies around Orlando and even in Cocoa Beach! It’s amazing getting to meet other people who enjoying eating as much as I do (LOL). It may sound corny, but we constantly are cheering each other on and meeting up to discuss ideas and future collaborations. I can’t wait to see how the next year plays out!


Eating is my hobby.