Orange You Juice the Best

Clean Juice is popping up all over Florida! I have been a long-time fan since they opened in Winter Park Village because it’s walking distance from where I work, talk about convenient. The manager at the Winter Park location was even nice enough to come to my worksite for a “Wellness Day”. Now my co-workers can’t get enough!

 Clean Juice invited me to attend the opening of their Windermere, FL location. At this event, I tried all the juices, various smoothies, toasts, and even some acai bowls. I do like the pre-made juices, but my favorite is when I build my own. My “go to” juice order is carrot at the base with apple, spinach, and kale; it must be on ice for me (who likes warm juice?). Okay, enough about juice, let’s talk about food. I crave their almond butter toast. Once you get to know me a little more, you will start to realize I love anything with peanut butter / almond butter. Also, if you do not already have the app for your phone, download it ASAP. You can earn loyalty points and on your first purchase you will get $5 off. Free money, guys!

I am excited to go back and try their organic greens & grains bowls. The “Yummus Bowl” has caught my attention.

If you want to see more information on Clean Juice, click on the link:  


Eating is my hobby.

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