Focus Pocus

I participated in a focus group lunch for Bulla Gastrobar (pronounced BOO-YA) and it was so much fun; this was my first focus group lunch EVER. I am a long-time big fan of this restaurant. Lucky for me it is a hop, skip, and a jump away from where I work. Talk about some yummy work lunches. If you do not know about their restaurant, it is inspired by tapas restaurants in Spain.

Bulla had a menu waiting for us illustrating the menu items we were going to taste. When I saw how long the menu was, my excitement grew. We started with the strawberry lemonade, which is made with fresh squeezed juice (in the pictures). Look at how refreshing that looks! We then moved onto their version of a Caesar salad made with kale. Get this, the dressing was made with serrano ham! Then it was meat time. The “Pintxo Moruno” was their pork loin skewers dish. I absolutely loved the mix of mojo verde and Greek yogurt on top of the skewer.

I know, you are wondering where the cocktails are. We tried both the “sangria de cerveza” (a beer sangria) and a “bougie palmer” (basically like a dirty Arnold Palmer, but better). The beer sangria was not my favorite, but the “bougie palmer” won be over. If you know we at all, you know I am a fan of both golf and anything have to do with Bay Hill; this was perfect. The peach oolong tea made it stand out.

Unfortunately, I could not taste both the shrimp curry nor the mussels because I am allergic, but the smell was unreal. We spoke about how the shrimp curry name could drive some guests away from ordering their dish because sometimes the taste of curry can be overpowering. Between the smells and the other guests’ reactions, the flavor was on point! The mussels were served with a tomato and white wine sauce with plenty of grilled ciabatta to dip into the sauce. We tasted one more meat dish, which was the bistro steak served with sweet potato terrine. To end the lunch on a sweet note, we ate their “crema catalana”, which is a Spanish style custard with fresh berries. Typically, I order chocolate desserts because… why wouldn’t I? But I really did enjoy this dessert! Check it out!


Eating is my hobby.

Bulla strawberry lemonade 2.jpg